Why buy an Oak Lawn Arabian?

Oak Lawn Arabians is a new breeding farm but just because we are ‘young’ does not mean we have to experiment with our breeding. We have chosen our bloodlines very carefully from lines that have been successfully bred for over 60 year here in the United States and for many more than that in England.

Of course, we will continue with these lines and continue to select quality individual horses to include in our program and offer to the public. We hope to take the proven, successful lines of the past and create beautiful Arabian athletes with family temperaments for future sales and breeding by placing our own little ‘touch’ on our foals.

All of the foals born at Oak Lawn Arabians are bred with trainability and companionship in mind. They are handled from birth, taught the basics relative to age and are well socialized with people and other horses. They have sound minds as well as sound bodies to carry them as far as their new owners are willing to take them. We only breed on a small scale so that our Arabians have all the time and attention they need to thrive.

We stand behind each and every horse we sell with integrity and honesty. We want to see our horses get the finest possible owners with forever homes so we do our utmost to match up the best horse with the best owner.

Our family finds the greatest joys in having these beautiful creatures in our lives and hope that each one of our precious Arabians finds the same type of family to call their own. Please visit us to find out all about our family raised Arabians.

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